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May 21 2:00 PM SF Legion of Honor
May 28 2:00 PM Berkeley Hillside Club

In the midst of war with the Greeks (which lasts less than two minutes) the omnipotent but zany Persian monarch’s mind is entirely fixated on getting the girl. He threatens, rages, cajoles, schemes and bullies, but finally loses her through a stupid blunder that gets her married to the wrong man (the one she wanted all along). Comedy throughout! Performed in concert in Italian.

Characters Cast          Voice
Xerxes, king of Persia       Mary Rauh    mezzo soprano
Arsamene, his brother Tania Mandzy    soprano
Amastre Sonia Gariaeeff         contralto
Romilda, lover of Arsamene      Julia Hunt Nielsen    soprano
Atalanta, Romilda's sister Rabihah Dunn    soprano
Ariodate, his vassal Nicholas Volkert      bass
Elviro, a servant Nicholas Volkert      bass